Tima Jam

1980 / Iran / CEO & Founder

Born in Iran, 1980, Tima Jam was brought up in the southern Iranian town of Bushehr. From an early age, Tima developed a passion and interest in the fine arts, beginning her career as a painter before going on to study history of art. Fuelled by a determination to enhance and expand the contemporary art scene in the Middle East, Tima founded Bushehr’s very first art gallery and institute at just 19 years old. Tima spent the next few years working and travelling overseas, building experience and gaining cultural exposure. In 2008, Tima arrived in Malaysia, researching and teaching her own passion in Asian art before relocating to Croatia in 2013.

After obtaining her PhD in strategy management, Tima founded Blue Rhino Art Consultancy in 2016, launching branches in Turkey and Iran. Being well-aware of the lack of representation for minority ethnic groups in the art world, Blue Rhino was established with the intention of providing homegrown artistic talent with a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Now based in London, Tima doesn’t limit herself globally, and thoroughly believes that good art exists wherever you can find it. With 20 years worth of experience as a gallerist, art director, and curator, Tima is continually devoted to her aim of discovering and representing both emerging and established global artists, at the heart of which is her own love and passion for the arts.