Jury Team / 2023

Chairman of the Jury

Takehiko Nakafuji

Born in 1970,Tokyo,Japan.Photographer.Drop-out, Waseda University Literature Department.Graduated in Photography from Tokyo Visual Arts. Produced several monochrome photograph books from travels in Japan, Eastern Europe, Russia and Cuba. Active as photographer and as Director of Gallery Niepce in Yotsuya, Tokyo.Won the 29th Higashikawa special award for the series ‘ Sakuan Matapaan -Hokkaido’ in 2013, the 24th Hayashi Tadahiko Award for the series ‘ STREET RAMBLER’ in 2015.

Solo Exhibitions

1994 ‘portraits’ place M ,Tokyo
1995 ‘NIGHT CRAWLER’ Konica plaza,Tokyo
1998 ‘Enter the mirror’ Konica plaza,Tokyo
‘Voluptuous’ Mole,Tokyo
1999 ‘Winterlicht’ Konica plaza, Tokyo
2000 ‘Enter the mirror’ Gallery Lux, Seoul Korea
‘Snap Shot 1995∼2000’ Gallery Niepce ,Tokyo
‘Deep Seoul’ Gallery Niepce ,Tokyo
2001 ‘Bucuresti Days’ Konica plaza , Tokyo
‘From Hanoi to Saigon’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
2002 ‘One Rainy day’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
2003 ‘Deep Habana’ Konica Minolta plaza, Tokyo
‘TRANS JAPAN’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
‘STREET RAMBLER’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
2004 ‘STREET RAMBLER 04’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
2005 ‘STREET RAMBLER-New York’ Marunouchi Cafe, Tokyo
2006 ‘From Bulgaria’ Konica Minolta plaza, Tokyo
‘STREET RAMBLER-Shanghai’ Rotus root Gallery, Tokyo
‘STREET RAMBLER-Russia’ Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
‘atmosphere’ nido ,Tokyo
2007 ‘Fragments of Reality’ Morioka shoten, Tokyo
‘EXOTICA’ Gallery Niepce, Place M, Tokyo
‘la vie en Rose’ nido, Tokyo
2008 ‘STREET RAMBLER -Vancouver’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
‘matapaan’ nido, Tokyo
2009 ‘Bulgaria’ Morioka shoten, Tokyo
‘TOWER’ Gallery fukka , Tokyo
‘SAKHALIN’ Konica Minolta plaza, Tokyo
2011 ‘Night Crawler 1995&2010’ Zen foto gallery, Tokyo
2013 ‘Sakuan, Matapaan-Hokkaido’ Zen foto gallery, Tokyo
2014 ‘Une Retrospectiv’ in)(between art gallery,Paris
‘Paris1996’ Hinoki Garou,Tokyo
‘Street Rambler-Paris’ Konica Minolta plaza, Tokyo
2015 ‘STREET RAMBLER’ Le deco,Tokyo
Fuji Photo Salon,Tokyo
Shunan-shi Museum of Art and Histtory, Yamaguchi
Gallery Main, Kyoto
Higashikawa bunka Gallery , Hokkaido
2016 ‘Berlin1999+2014’ Tokinowasuremono ,Tokyo
‘STREET RAMBLER’ Shin Sapporo Gallery, Hokkaido
2017 ‘Sous le ciel de Paris’ Emon photo garelly,Tokyo
‘STREET RAMBLER-PARIS’ Olympus gallery,Tokyo Osaka
2018 ‘White Noise’ zen foto gallery,Tokyo
2019 ‘TREET RAMBLER -HAVANA’ Olympus gallery,Tokyo Osaka
‘Tokyo en Couieur!’ Le Plac Art Photo,Paris
‘Black Ice Hokkaido’ in)(between art gallery,Paris
2020 ‘EXTREME LIGHT 極光’ SEMANA FOTO BARRANQUILLA2020,Barranquilla, Colombia
‘Winterlicht’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
‘Hong Kong 2019’ zem foto gallery , Tokyo
2021 ‘Enter the MIrror’ Irie Taikichi Museum of Photography Nara city , Nara
‘Paris 2019’ Gallery Niepce , Tokyo
2022 ‘CHAOS SHIBUYA’ OM SYSTEM Gallery , Tokyo
‘Nocturne Paris 2011-2019’ Monography Gallery , Tokyo


1997 ‘Enter the mirror’ (Mole)
2001 ‘Winterlicht’ (Wids shuppan)
2011 ‘Night Crawler 1995&2010’ (zen foto gallery)
2013 ‘Sakuan, Matapaan-Hokkaido’ (zen foto gallery)
2014 ‘STREET RAMBLER’(Gallery Niece)
2018 ‘White Noise’ (zen foto gallery)
2020 ‘Hong Kong’(zen foto gallery)
2021 ‘PARIS 2011-2019’(Gallery Niepce)

‘Gelatin Silver Session’ JCII Photo Salon ,Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

1999 ‘photo dimension’ Higashikawa bunka Gallery , Hokkaido
2001 ‘STAGE NEXT’ Konica plaza ,Tokyo
2004 ‘Club Paradiso’ Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Yamanashi
2005 ‘Fragments of Reality’ National Art Gallery , Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 ‘a just report’ Emon Photo Gallery Tokyo
2014 ‘Beginnings ,Forever’ From the collection of K*MoPA, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
‘Japanese Eyes’ in)(between art gallery,Paris
‘Contrasted places’ in)(between art gallery ,Paris
‘PHOTO OFF’, Paris
2015 ‘10Visions of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo
‘Takara Bune’ in)(between art gallery, paris Zürcher Gallery,New York
2016 ‘Tokyo Tokyo and Tokyo – Contemporary Japanese photography vol.13’ Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
2017 ‘STREET RAMBLER TOKYO’ in)(between art gallery ,Paris
‘TRINITY’ Gallery Niepce, Tokyo
‘HOKKAIDO PHOTO FESTA 2018’ Sarou Homura,Sapporo
2018 ‘Beginnings ,Forever’ National Art Gallery of Tai Wang, Taiwan
‘Beginnings ,Forever’ , Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
2019 ‘PHANTOM PLANE 幽霊維面’ Tau Kwun Contemporary ,Hong Kong
2021 ‘GETT OUT INTO STREET’ Zen Foto Gallery ,Tokyo

Lili Golestan

Lili Golestan
Founder & Art Director of Golestan Gallery, Translator

Lili Golestan is Founder & Art Director of Golestan Gallery, she translated many french artworks and Received “Chevalier Dans I ordre des Palmes Academiques”. … more

Aya Takaishi

Photo by:Copyright / Alessandro Peleaz.
Born in Japan, Kanazawa city , live and work in Paris since 1997 .
Graduate from Waseda University in Tokyo ( dramatic art)

‘silence” Galerie eidolon , paris
‘Nature morte” galerie PHD , paris
FIPC, exposition collective, paris
Pouvoir de la photography , exposition collective , galerie 89 Paris
Yohann Galerie Paris : still life
Illusion comique, exposition collective , espace commines, Paris
Exposition collective , seoul olympic museum , Coree

Karucha Shokku , Galerie B and B , Paris avec les 4 Photographes Japonaise
Comparaison, Grand Palais
galerie Schwab beaubourg , avec Bénédicte Paszkiewicz, Catherine Matauche
Ambassade de Venezuela
Comparaison Grand Palais
‘japon’ Galerie Negpos, nines

Seoul international photo festival , Korea
Galerie jules salles Nimes,
More than Half ,Galerie 89, avec Chung Chang-ki
Yohann Galerie, exposition Collective

Maison des arts Chatillon
salle st pierre Avallon ,Bourgogne 2010
Galerie Australe, St Denis La Reunion
Exposition sur le Japon, avec Bénédicte Paszkiewicz, Galerie Aurora, Paris
Gallery-ON , Seoul
Galerie du fleuve, Paris,
Art Karlsruhe Allemagne
Exposition collective, Paris-Damas, musee national de
La Capitale Galerie, Paris
Galerie Negpos , Nimes
L’Escalier, Galerie Charlotte Norberg, Paris
Galerie Dolors Ventos, Figueras, Espagne
Galerie Exibit Live Moris, Tokyo

Galerie Mama Maria, Andorre
Galerie Exibit Live Moris, Tokyo
Espace Toyota, Sendai, Japon
Le colombier, Verrière-le-buisson
La Capitale Galerie, Paris
Regards Croisés, documentaire FR3 bourgogne
Oeuvre sur papier, Espace Belleville, Paris
Sima Art fair, Beyrouth
Art et Cigares, ( exposition collective) Galerie Flak, Paris
Promesses pour l’an 2000, Espace Belleville, Paris

Mara Zamuner

i’m Mara Zamuner and I am an italian photographer. i have been selected to be one of the juries of the 5photpaward’s festival’s fourth edition in Iran. It’s an incredible honor for me to be a part of this and i am very thankful. i look forward to viewing all the different proposition for this edition. i hope to be able to be present at the festival so that i could fully appreciate it and to discover the the amazing cultural heritage. Iran is a country which has always mesmerized me.
My best regard

Majid Talebi

Majid Talebi Born in 1983.
Official photographer for Fujifilm.
Member of the National Association of Photographers of Iran.
Photography teacher.
His background in cinema can be photographed in movies.
The story of Nimroz-The pilot.
Rejection of blood-Walnut tree.
And ….. named.

Frank Baquet


Frank Baquet, a well-known photographer and art director in Germany, is the judge of the main part of the fourth edition of the International 5Photo award Festival

Born in 1964 in Sieglar, he lives and works in Troisdorf.While studying economics and business administration(1985 to 1993),he already worked as a freelance Photographer and designer.In 1990 his first works in the field of artistic Photigraphy came into being.Since 1993 he has taugh Photography and digital image processing and heads the Kunsthause Trisdorf.A member of the German so- ciety for Photographic Art printing Processes ; awarded the Art prize of the Rhein-sieg-kreis in 1995, the Art prize for Photography of the City of Brandenburg in 2001 , the 2nd Art prize Wesseling in 2009.
“His demands are directed towards the specific aesthetics of Photography.On the one hand, his images frustrated our ingraned and largely Photographically-implemented habits of perception and under-mine the alleged security of the ‘as it is ‘ of Photographic images.On the other hand, instead of the usual spatial orientation of the common stock of Photographic images, he wants to open up new possibilities of spatial experience

Alireza Shadizadeh


He has been the artistic director of Pishro Parsian Amrdad Institute since 2015 and since the establishment of this festival, it has been a permanent member of the policy-making council.
He has been selected as the Honorary Photographer of the Visual Arts of Iran and about 10 years ago he took an art history course at the University of Vienna.
And for about a few years, photography of the city of Vienna has begun its professional work under the name of collection among cities.
He has been a two-time main juri of the International 5Photo Award.

علیرضا شادیزاده


Tahir Ün was born in Turkey. He has been working periodically at Xinjiang (Uighur) Autonomous Region of China, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey as a freelance photographer, videographer, curator and activist. Tahir Ün is an instructor at Yasar University

more ….

Ali Kanji


Ali Kanji is a photographer, documentary maker, editor and director of the editing and photography department of Zal advertising company. He has been a teacher of the photography and documentation department of Tehran Technical Complex, Niavaran branch for about fifteen years.

Behdad Najafi Asadollahi


– Painter, Photographer and Contemporary Artist
– Manager of Ragadid Art Gallery
– Managing director of Khanesh e Moaser Art Institute
– Member of the board of Tabrizi Anthropological Museum
– With a history of more than 3 decades of professional activity in visual arts, painting and photography

Adel Heravian

Adel Heravian was born in 1994 in Gonbad Kavos, photographer, graphic artist, painter, poet, writer, critic and translator.
Teaching photography in the years 1390-1395 in Golestan province
The best photographer of Iran Photographers Club and One Pix website in 2013
Photographing the cover of the Photographers of the Year book of the Photographers Club of Iran, 2013
Group exhibition of photography at the artist’s house, selected by the Iran Photographers Club in 2014
Photography and art consultant at Minro filmmaking and photography art studio 2016 – now
In 2018, the establishment of a solo exhibition inside and outside
Film and short film photography in 1401-1398
Assistant director of theater and cinema in 2017-2018
Working in Vadod Cultural and Art Institute in 2017-2018