Jury Team / 2022

Chairman of the Jury

Jean-Michel Frodon

born September 20, 1953 in Paris; He is a French professor, historian, critic and journalist in the field of cinema. Jean-Michel holds a Master’s degree and a DEA in History. He taught from 1971 to 1981. After that, he started photographing for five years. He has been writing for Lupoin Weekly since 1983 as a journalist and film critic. His father, Pierre Bayard, was also a film critic, after which he became its chief editor, and from then on, he nicknamed Freud.Which was based on Frodo’s character in Lord of the Rings and remained in that position until 1990. From 1990 to 1995 he had a daily column in the Le Monde newspaper and in 1995 he became the secretary of the Le Monde Cinema Page. In the same year he unveiled his book, The Modern Years of Cinema. In this book, Jean-Michel attempts to examine the relationship between history, politics and society in French cinema from 1959 onwards.

An important example of the Fourth French Republic, May 1968, examines the existence of France in the new wave of French cinema. In these films, they are the main subject of research and all the factors are examined on them.. May 1968, for example, examines the impact of the existing French Republic in May 1968 on the birth of a new wave of French cinema. In this approach, films are the main subject of research and all the factors affecting it are examined. In 2003, he became editor of the Le Monde-owned film magazine Kaye Do Cinema, a position he held until 2009. When Kaye was bought by Richard Schlgman, British director of Henry Faido Publishing. In December 2009, he launched the “Public Exhibition” blog. In Slots, and has been a webmaster since 2010. From October 2010 to 2013, he was the editor of the Contemporary Arts Workshop website.

Lili Golestan

Lili Golestan
Founder & Art Director of Golestan Gallery, Translator

Lili Golestan is Founder & Art Director of Golestan Gallery, she translated many french artworks and Received “Chevalier Dans I ordre des Palmes Academiques”. … more

Christophe Jacrot

Born in 1960, Christophe Jacrot is a contemporary photographer living in Paris. The artist has been dabbling in photography since his adolescence but was first noticed in the cinema. He directed several short films, most of which received awards. Feeling the financial constraints that the cinematographic industry can sometimes impose, Christophe Jacrot turned his attention to photography, an art-form to which he applied his talents utterly.
At one stage commissioned to produce sunny images of Paris for a tourist brochure, the photographer ends up putting together an artistic project involving cities in inclement weather. “The weather was desperately bad, which gave me the idea to photograph several somewhat more untraditional images of Paris to capture these amazing ambiances that few photograph. I had in mind Henri Cartier-Bresson’s fabulous photo of Giacometti in the rain, and the photo of a guy jumping over a puddle in front of the Trocadero, by Elliott Erwitt.”

Out of this project comes, in 2007, a first exhibition at the Lucernaire which very rapidly leads Christopohe Jacrot to the publication of a book of his photography, Paris in the rain (Edition, Chêne.)
Since then he has been successfully continuing this study in different cities. He has photographed Hong Kong, Tokyo or Taipei in the mist and the rain (Hong Kong and Asia in the Rain series) as well as New York in a snow storm ( New York in White series.) In October of 2012 again in New York Christophe photographed entire districts devoid of electricity and plunged into darkness after Hurricane Sandy (New York in Black series.) More recently the photographer headed for Iceland and its natural landscapes and the coast of Normandy in France which he has captured under a thick blanket of snow and in the midst of a storm ( Snjór and Blizzard series.)
In 2020, the television channel ARTE has released a small reportage about Christophe Jacrot. Curated by the journalist Richard Bonnet,

Robert van Koesveld

An Australian photographer / psychotherapist, Robert van Koesveld’s exhibition work focuses on the qualities of presence and space, timelessness and the liminal world located between past and present; personal and archetypal; day-to-day and sacred.
Prior to his photography career, he was a psychotherapist and educator for many years, and this influences his creative process as a photographer. Robert strives for a synergy between his observations, his feelings and his camera use, so that his images create a palpable, emotional engagement between subject and viewer. He has been photographing full-time for over fifteen years.

In his exhibitions and performance-art works Robert is most interested in exploring the Liminal – the spaces between. This draws him towards aspects of the physical, personal, and cultural worlds that seem to sit apart – outside of a specific place and time – and encompasses archetypes and the sacred.
His current projects explore place and space in both Japan and Australia and investigate the possibilities of the book and other forms to invite the viewer into a kind of visual theatre. He is interested in seeing the landscape in terms of a tapestry of place that floats in time, as well as memory, vulnerability and loss.

He collaborated with Japanese Tea Master Takako Morita in creating an exhibition work in Kyoto titled ‘Tea – Mind’. This experiential work paralleled the experience of haiken (拝見) the ‘close viewing’ that follows drinking a bowl of tea. Guests were invited to sit in one of five private spaces, and to quietly engage with the images presented in a tomobako (共箱,‘closed box’).

Robert’s solo exhibition, ‘Seeing Geiko’, was exhibited at The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai. The title referred to the need to see other cultures openly, rather than through the lens of one’s own culture. Some of that work was previously exhibited in a solo experiential exhibition in Kyoto – ‘Seeing Geiko’.
His photo book ‘Geiko and Maiko of Kyoto’ (distributed by Penguin) won the Australian Institute of Professional Photographer’s Award 2015 for the Best Photo.

Aya Takaishi

Photo by:Copyright / Alessandro Peleaz.
Born in Japan, Kanazawa city , live and work in Paris since 1997 .
Graduate from Waseda University in Tokyo ( dramatic art)

‘silence” Galerie eidolon , paris
‘Nature morte” galerie PHD , paris
FIPC, exposition collective, paris
Pouvoir de la photography , exposition collective , galerie 89 Paris
Yohann Galerie Paris : still life
Illusion comique, exposition collective , espace commines, Paris
Exposition collective , seoul olympic museum , Coree

Karucha Shokku , Galerie B and B , Paris avec les 4 Photographes Japonaise
Comparaison, Grand Palais
galerie Schwab beaubourg , avec Bénédicte Paszkiewicz, Catherine Matauche
Ambassade de Venezuela
Comparaison Grand Palais
‘japon’ Galerie Negpos, nines

Seoul international photo festival , Korea
Galerie jules salles Nimes,
More than Half ,Galerie 89, avec Chung Chang-ki
Yohann Galerie, exposition Collective

Maison des arts Chatillon
salle st pierre Avallon ,Bourgogne 2010
Galerie Australe, St Denis La Reunion
Exposition sur le Japon, avec Bénédicte Paszkiewicz, Galerie Aurora, Paris
Gallery-ON , Seoul
Galerie du fleuve, Paris,
Art Karlsruhe Allemagne
Exposition collective, Paris-Damas, musee national de
La Capitale Galerie, Paris
Galerie Negpos , Nimes
L’Escalier, Galerie Charlotte Norberg, Paris
Galerie Dolors Ventos, Figueras, Espagne
Galerie Exibit Live Moris, Tokyo

Galerie Mama Maria, Andorre
Galerie Exibit Live Moris, Tokyo
Espace Toyota, Sendai, Japon
Le colombier, Verrière-le-buisson
La Capitale Galerie, Paris
Regards Croisés, documentaire FR3 bourgogne
Oeuvre sur papier, Espace Belleville, Paris
Sima Art fair, Beyrouth
Art et Cigares, ( exposition collective) Galerie Flak, Paris
Promesses pour l’an 2000, Espace Belleville, Paris

Francesco Romero

Francesco Romero is a former musician and producer whose current artistic output is photography. He’s based mostly in Italy where he focuses on themes of absence, decay and isolationism from a graphical and geometric point of view. A fascination with the dystopian aspect of everyday life drives him to decontextualize details, landscapes, and architecture, allowing them to stand alone as alien images. Most of his shots are music inspired, typically from northern electronica, drone music and Detroit / German techno. Other influences come from early US hardcore-punk and Industrial.

A consistent part of his body of work have been featured on the most relevant on-line magazines as well as on a bunch of popular Instagram Hubs dedicated to minimalism and fine-art photography. Starting from 2017 Francesco Romero has been involved in various exhibition around the world including galleries in London, Istanbul and Tehran. Some publications on international independent press agencies are also available as well as a 128 pages photographic book he has released for a mixed media project called DIS- together with turkish olfactive artist Omer Ipekci and italian designer Francesca Gotti.

Anahita Ghabaian

ANAHITA GHABAIAN ETEHADIEH is a specialist in Iranian photography as well as Founder and Director of Silk Road Gallery, the first gallery in Tehran to specialize in photography (est. 2001).

She holds a Ph.D. in History and a Master of Computer Application in Social and Economic Management from the University Paris Diderot, France.

She has curated several exhibitions. In 2009 she was the Artistic Director of Photoquai at Paris’ Quai Branly Museum. In May 2014, she curated Newsha Tavakolian’s exhibition (5th place winner of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award) for the Carmignac Foundation.

In October 2015, she co-curated a retrospective of Shadi Ghadirian for La Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon.


She has published La photographie iranienne, un regard sur la création contemporaine en Iran, (Iranian photography, a contemporary look at art in Iran) in French. In 2017 she co-curated Iran: year 38. 66 Iranian Photographers for the annual Les Rencontres d’Arles photofestival and contributed to the accompanying publication, Iran, Année 38, (Éditions Textuel/ ARTE Éditions, 2017).
Anahita is chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

Majid Talebi

Majid Talebi

Majid Talebi Born in 1983.
Official photographer for Fujifilm.
Member of the National Association of Photographers of Iran.
Photography teacher.
His background in cinema can be photographed in movies.
The story of Nimroz-The pilot.
Rejection of blood-Walnut tree.
And ….. named.

Alireza ShadiZadeh


He has been the artistic director of Pishro Parsian Amrdad Institute since 2015 and since the establishment of this festival, it has been a permanent member of the policy-making council.
He has been selected as the Honorary Photographer of the Visual Arts of Iran and about 10 years ago he took an art history course at the University of Vienna.
And for about a few years, photography of the city of Vienna has begun its professional work under the name of collection among cities.
He has been a two-time main juri of the International 5Photo Award.

علیرضا شادیزاده
Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour

Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour


The main member of the jury of the International 5Photo Award Festival.
He is an Iranian cartoonist and animation director.
Hosseinpour was born in 1976. He graduated in painting from Tehran Azad University. Since 1990, he has worked as a cartoonist and cartoonist in various publications of the country such as Gol Agha, Kayhan Caricature, Zan newspaper, Soroush Nojavan, Roshd Nojavan, Nowruz newspaper, Aftabgardan newspaper, Iqbal newspaper and Chelcheragh weekly. And has been in charge of the art section of Tomorrow Women’s magazines, Art Bride, Yoga Knowledge. He is currently one of the most prolific Iranian animation directors who has directed many films.

Alireza ShadiZadeh


He has been the artistic director of Pishro Parsian Amrdad Institute since 2015 and since the establishment of this festival, it has been a permanent member of the policy-making council.
He has been selected as the Honorary Photographer of the Visual Arts of Iran and about 10 years ago he took an art history course at the University of Vienna.
And for about a few years, photography of the city of Vienna has begun its professional work under the name of collection among cities.
He has been a two-time main juri of the International 5Photo Award.

مهدی شادیزاده