گالری ثالث

Saless Gallery

Saless Gallery , founded in 2015,is a leading arts organization that manages are careers of diverse established and emerging artists
Saless gallery is a platform in which art and artists can feel free to express their ideas and their concepts with a liberty of speech.

Saless Gallery introduces the art pioneers and the young genetation of iranian and International contemporary artists.

Shirin Gallery

Shirin Gallery was established by Shirin Partovi in ​​2005 and now operates in two separate exhibition spaces. From the beginning, Shirin Gallery started with the aim of facilitating the display of works by young artists in different styles, and now it has become a suitable platform for educational, cultural, artistic, economic and international exchanges. The second branch of this gallery was opened in New York in 2012, and this strong international presence of participating in artefacts and auctions has given a lot of global prestige to this gallery. Contact Shirin Gallery Tehran, Karim Khanzand St., Sanai St., Alley

نمایش آثار منتخب جشنواره بین المللی عکس 5 در گالری شیرین / Exhibition of selected works of International Photo Festival 5 in Shirin Gallery

The Biennial Exhibition of the International 5photo Award Festival