Jury Team / 2024

Secretary of the photo department

On behalf of the Secretary of the International 5 Film and Photo Awards Festival, with honor Mr. Mohammad Hassan Saadat Handi, a good photographer and producer of Iranian cinema and one of the successful cultural managers of important collections including Mellat Cinema campus, as the secretary of the photo section of the fifth edition of the International 5 Film and photo awards was chosen five.

Mohammad Hassan Saadat Handi is a photographer and producer of Iranian cinema. He started his career in the theater in 1376. He is a member of the cinema house and a member of the board of directors and the Iranian Cinema Photographers Association. He is a member of the producers of Iranian cinema. And he was the managing director and chairman of the board of directors of Simorgh Nama Art Cultural Institute. He was selected as the best photographers of Iranian cinema in 2017. He was the secretary and chairman of the 8th celebration and competition of Iranian cinema photographers.

He is the advisor for the campus affairs of the Shahbar Cultural Institute and the director of the Mellat Cinematic Campus. He has been in more than 20 feature films as a photographer, producer and production manager.

Director and consultant of the Photography Department

Mrs. Ilknur Baltaci is one of the Prominent photographers and cultural figures of Turkey, that International 5 Film and Photo Awards Festival is proud to have her as a consultant and director of international affairs of the photography department in its fifth edition.


Born in Istanbul,having lived most of her life in Izmir , and now based in Bucharest,Ilknur Baltaci Mateescu is a self-taught photographer with a passion for the visual,photography has always been a part of her life,her lenses pursuing and observing the visible around her,Capturing the moment ,yet sometimes,placing the invisible in a frame.Her self-traning efforts with courses and Workshops,are highlighed by a workshop at Salzburg summer Academy for visual Arts, where her instructor was the renowned Photographer and Activist Nan Goldin.

Ilknur Baltaci has exhibited her work in tens of Solo Shows and Countless group shows in Turkey . She also and Exhibitions in Salzburg-Austria,Vichy&paris-France,paros&patmos-Greece and Tulcea-Romonia.she has worked as planning partner in international Contemporary art projects,at the Same time participating as Artist with her Photographic work,Some of her written work,translations, and her photography were published in media at random.An active independent photigrapher,she is also a member of Various photography groups Collectives.

Chairman of the jury

Her Excellency Mr. Gregory Herpe, one of the most important French photographers, the head of the jury of the photo section, won the fifth edition of the International 5 Film and Photo Awards Festival.


« For me, photography is not about looking, it’s about feeling ».

A prestigious background

Grégory Herpe, French artist and photojournalist for the Sopa press agency (Hong Kong), has a rich and atypical career.

Journalist for various magazines in Europe, he was also an actor and theatre director in Europe, and published several literary works In France and Canada.

For the past 20 years, he has been working as a photographer and has exhibited his work around the world.

Taking a closer look at mankind

He’s work is based on his curiosity. From Europe to Asia, via Africa and Middle East, the artist looks at people and their culture, the organisation of our societies, our relationship with traditions, our impact on nature.

in Lebanon, war zones in the Nagarno-Karabakh, Scandinavian minimalist landscapes, Gypsies in Southern France, street art in black and white st photos, etc.

He has also immortalised rock and film stars such as David Bowie, Salif Keita, Nina Hagen, Iggy Pop, Deep Purple, Patti Smith, Omar Sharif, Gérard Depardieu, etc.

Whatever the subject of his photographs, Grégory Herpe strives to deliver a singular vision of the modern world, always articulating a perspective, a message and an emotion.
An International carrer
As an internationally recognised artist,Herpe has exhibited his photogeraphic work in the European parliament as well as numerous museums and Galleries in:
He is an active artist and regularly collaborates with NGOs to promote thier work(Cambodia,Lebanon,Moldova,Romania,Africa,Vaticand).
His work has won awards in New york,Moscow,London,Barcelona,as well as in France,the Netherlands,italy,Luxembourg,Portugal…..

Mircea Sorin ALBUTIU

Albuțiu is independent photographer and filmmaker.
Born in Transylvania, Romania. He moved to Portugal in 2022, after 5 years of collaboration with
different Portuguese artists and institutions: Museu da Imagem em Movimento, Banco das Artes
Galeria, SERRA – Espaço Cultural, ICR Lisboa and Atelier Pop-Up. He started in 2022 a new
project about the river Lis, an installation with photography, audio, video and live performance.
Albutiu has a master degree in documentary Filmmaking. He published three photobooks: Rasto,
Chocolat après ballet and Framing A Romanian Landscape. The fourth photobook (HOST) is in
editing phase. He directed 3 documentaries: Khozyain, When Borders Get Indistinct and Without
Expectations. His newest film, Zarafe, is going to be premiered in November 2024.
Photography Exhibitions

2023; Suprapuneri II; București/ collective
2023; Without Expectations ; Cluj Napoca
2023; utopos ; Leiria
2022; Suprapuneri ; București/ collective
2022; Rasto ; Leiria
2021; between the lines ; București/ collective
2021; Dansactorul ca fenomen. Punct ; Alba Iulia
2020; Cool Breeze In A Silent Landscape ; Târgu Mureș
2020; Under The Surface ; Leiria
2020; Family Of Dog ; Leiria
2019; Khozyain ; Leiria
2019; Khozyain ; Brașov
2019; New Energy ; Sibiu
2018; Cats and Moods ; Brăila
2018; Khozyain ; Cluj Napoca
2017; New Energy ; București
2017; New Energy ; Lisboa
2017; New Energy ; Leiria
2017; Cats ans Moods ; Brașov
2015; New Energy ; Bistrița
2015; Now’s the Time ; București/ collective
2014; Cats and Moods ; Podgorica
2014; Inside ; Cluj Napoca
2012; Jurnal de Culise ; Cluj Napoca

Saša Nabergoj

Saša Nabergoj (1971), Ljubljana, Slovenia Since 2015 a director of Škofja Loka Museum, one of the oldest public museums in Slovenia https://www.loski-muzej.si/en/ , that covers all natural and cultural heritage of a region and has a big focus on contemporary art and professor of History and Theory at School of Arts at University Gorica. Art historian, curator, critic, writer, editor and lecturer.

Between 1995 and 2015, she freelanced in the field of contemporary arts (both in Slovenia and internationally) as a cultural project manager, curator, critic, publicist, editor, organiser and lecturer with a focus on curatorial and critical practices. From 2000 to 2015, she was an assistant to the director of the SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts Ljubljana, https://www.scca-ljubljana.si/en/home/ , where she, among other responsibilities, headed the World of Art, School for Curatorial Practices and Critical Writing for 18 years.

She has lectured in Helsinki, Gorizia and Vienna, curated exhibitions in Izmir, Celje, Tirana and Stockholm, ran workshops in Belgrade, Istanbul and Almaty, took part of curatorial residencies in Yerevan, New York City and Oslo, among others…

Mr. Majid Talebi

Mr. Majid Talebi is a good photographer of Iranian cinema, who has a special place in contemporary Iranian cinema, in the field of photography. He has photographed brilliant films in Iranian cinema. And the international 5 Film and photo awardS festival is proud to have them as the main members of the jury.

He is currently the official photographer of Fujifilm Company in Iran and a member of the Cinema Photographers Association of Iran and the National Photographers Association of Iran.

Mr Alireza Shadizadeh

He has been the artistic director of Pishro Parsian Amrdad Institute since 2015 and since the establishment of this festival, it has been a permanent member of the policy-making council.

He has been selected as the Honorary Photographer of the Visual Arts of Iran and about 10 years ago he took an art history course at the University of Vienna.

And for about a few years, photography of the city of Vienna has begun its professional work under the name of collection among cities.

He has been a two-time main juri of the International 5Photo Award.

The exhibition is the collection of the deafening silence, which is an original collection of years of photography from the city of Vienna, Austria, and this collection was collected by the Austrian Embassy in Iran and kept forever in the embassy.

Dr. Giovanni Ercolani

Dr. Giovanni Ercolani is a generalist of art and cultural studies, he is a cultural studies specialist at the British Institute of Cultural Anthropology and is a famous photographer. . Their presence as the main members of the jury of the 5th international 5 Film and photo Awards Festival makes the members of this festival very happy.

Giovanni Ercolani (PhD Social Anthropology, University of Murcia, Spain; PhD Int. Rel. & Security Studies, Nottingham Trent University, UK) is a Sociocultural Anthropologist, Researcher at the ‘Society and Culture’ research group (University of Murcia, Spain), and Researcher Associate at ‘LADEC – Laboratoire d’Anthropologie des Enjeux Contemporains’ (Université Lumière Lyon 2, France). Dr. Ercolani is a specialist in Sociocultural Anthropology, Political Science, Security Studies, International Relations, Cultural Studies, Sociology of Art, and Contemporary History; his multidisciplinary researches focus on the topics of culture, social myths, collective imaginaries, symbols, security, and identity; and he is Fellow (elected) of the ‘Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland’ (UK). As a photographer Dr. Ercolani has exposed his pictures in Turkey (Izmir), Spain (Murcia), Ukraine (Kyiv), and Italy (Roma and Viterbo).

Webpage: https://peaceopstraining.academia.edu/GiovanniErcolani

Email: drercolani@hotmail.com

Timurtas Onan

Timurtaş Onan was born and brought up in Istanbul, becoming involved in photography in the 1980s. During this period, he organized and attended several photography events, exhibiting his work both at home, in Turkey, and abroad, while also acting as a jury member for national and international competitions. He created documentaries on socially relevant issues as well. His works have been acquired by public and private collections in Turkey and abroad. Particularly well known for his distinctive projects on Istanbul, Onan is currently giving photography workshops, curating exhibitions, and working on adding new editions to his  series of books “Istanbul Anthology” which will comprise five volumes, focusing on various aspects of the city.

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