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Farid Hamedi

He started his artistic endeavors since he was 17 years old with music and learning to become a guitarist, as a result of which, he performed a number of concerts in different cities across Iran. Parallel to acquiring the music and playing in the concerts, he developed an interest in literature and story writing. When he was 19, he published his first work, named ‘A Flower in the City of Thorns”. He then continued his academic studies at the university in graphic designing, at the end of which he founded his private company called Picado and carried on with his professional activities. By 2010, he had designed more than 500 music albums. His posters have made been exhibited in more than five international poster festivals, including the Golden Bee 9 Biennial Festival in Moscow, the Slovanian Poster Festival, the poster of tomorrow in Paris and the Czech Poster Competition, etc. in 2011, he published his second book called ‘The Poplar Leaves’. He was the artistic adviser of theUnited NationsCommunications Department in Iran in 2014. It was at this time and following acquaintance with East European arts that he decided to collate his works of arts in literature, graphics and music in the form of modern arts. Hence, he started producing and directing video-arts. His visual works such as ‘Theatre for the Artist’, ‘The train that never stopped’,‘The Tarnished Mirror of Existence’ and ‘The Smoke and the Dream’ and “The Sacred Earth” and ‘A Chair For all’  and “Review of the Window overlooking  the coast’ have been screened or winner in more than 40 international film festivals. As a director, he was accompanied by Hamid Saeidi with OPIUM MOON, winner of the 61 Grammy Award, at the Dolby Theater and Royce Hall. He is the composer of several pieces of music . In 2021 and 2022, he won four bronze medals at the Global Music Awards, along with Haniye Kian and Roshanak Nooshi. and He won Gold Medal at the Intercontinental Music awards with Sahar Lotfi in 2022 . He received an Master of Art in BGSU University And honorary doctorate from the “Newport university ” .