Graphics department & Consultant

Zohreh Hassani


Professional Painter
Graphic designer and Art Illustrator
Mater degree in Art Illustration
Living in Tehran, Iran 98+
Contact number: 09127093664

Job Titles Overview

Art teacher & Art instructor of many well recognized schools in Iran since 2008.
Art Consultant of many private companies, festivals, print houses, publications and …since 2008.
Art consultant of Tabrizi Museum of Anthropology (2021 until now)

Artistic Activities & Exhibitions
Winner of the first place in design competition – 2005 – Tehran
Illustration of the book titled “Mouse and Snake” – Gol Ava Publications (2011)
Winner of the first place in illustration competition (2016) – Shiraz
Activities in the field of illustration, presentation and printing of books (Lost – Sophia’s Smile – Urmia Lake – Childhood Philosophy, etc.) at the center for intellectual development of children and adolescents in Tehran
Group exhibition – Ba’ath Academy – Tehran (2006)
Group exhibition of painting and drawing titled “Javene” in Kashan Art Gallery (2007)
Group exhibition of painting, titled Javene – House of Kashan Artists (2009)
Solo exhibition titled “Hidden Sense” at Shalman Gallery (2014)
Group exhibition (illustration/photo collage) – Amirkabir Cultural Center, Tehran (2015)
Participating in the call for a group exhibition at EnTezami Gallery – the winner of the first place and selected the best and selected work by the judges of Entezami Gallery (2018).
Solo exhibition – Haft Samar Gallery (2018)
Continuous Participation in Ragadid Art Gallery (2021-2023)

Education and Skills
BA in Illustration and Graphic.
MA in Illustration and Graphic (now studing).
Professional in Photoshop/Indisign/Illusrtaror/corel software
Activities in the field of art education for the expression of creativity in the age group of children and teenagers