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Lili Golestan

Lili Golestan

Lili Golestan (born 14 July 1944 in Tehran) is an Iranian translator, and owner and artistic director of the Golestan Gallery in Tehran. She is the daughter of the filmmaker and writer Ebrahim Golestan, the sister of the late photojournalist Kaveh Golestan and the mother of filmmaker Mani Haghighi.[2] She spent a number of her formative years in Abadan, where her father worked as a filmmaker.
On November 17, 2014 , Lily Golestan was awarded the Knight of French Literature and Art Award (Academic Palm) by the Ambassador of the French Government in Tehran.

Behdad Najafi Asadollahi

– Painter, Photographer and Contemporary Artist
– Manager of Ragadid Art Gallery
– Managing director of Khanesh e Moaser Art Institute
– Member of the board of Tabrizi Anthropological Museum
– With a history of more than 3 decades of professional activity in visual arts, painting and photography

علیرضا شادیزاده

Alireza ShadiZadeh

He has been the artistic director of Pishro Parsian Amrdad Institute since 2015 and since the establishment of this festival, it has been a permanent member of the policy-making council.
He has been selected as the Honorary Photographer of the Visual Arts of Iran and about 10 years ago he took an art history course at the University of Vienna.
And for about a few years, photography of the city of Vienna has begun its professional work under the name of collection among cities.
He has been a two-time main juri of the International 5Photo Award.

مهدی شادیزاده

Mehdi ShadiZadeh

Mehdi Shadizadeh is founder of 5Photoaward, he maked Documentary film about Abbas Kiarostami, the name is “Walking with the Wind” and “Single Tree” and “Dejhavoo”. He Attended more than ten domestic and foreign Exhibition…more